Definition of an e-bike:

Has a maximum weight of 120kg, must have attached and functional pedals, an electric motor, a maximum speed of 32km/h, and the Compliance sticker must be permanently attached to the bike. The e-bike must also have two safety features: an enabling mechanism to turn the electric motor on and off that is separate from the accelerator, and a mechanism that prevents the motor from being engaged before the bicycle attains 3 km/h.

  • If you've lost your license due to a criminal offense, you may not operate an e-bike on city streets/roads.
  • Riders are prohibited from altering their e-bike. This includes alterations to increase the potential speeds above the maximum (32km/h) and removal of the pedals. Removing the pedals from an e-bike is prohibited and the e-bike will then be considered a motorcycle.
  • Persons operating an e-bike must obey the Highway Traffic Act at all times.
  • E-bikes are prohibited from riding on sidewalks ($110 fine) and must remain on the roads or within the bicycle lanes on the roads.
  • Bicycle-style e-bikes can be used on multipurpose trails only if the motor is off and the ebike is being pedaled. ($110 fine if the e-bike has motor on/is not being pedaled) Scooter style e-bikes are not permitted on multipurpose trails!
  • E-bike riders must be over the age of 16 and wear an approved motorcycle/bicycle helmet at all times ($80 fine if under 18).
  • While operating an e-bike you must not interfere with a vehicle or bicycle which is being operated in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act.
  • E-bikes are not permitted on 400-series highways, expressways, or other areas where bicycles are not allowed.
  • E-bikes must yield to pedestrians ($180 fine).
  • Never leave an e-bike so that it is obstructing ($65 fine):
    • a vehicle on the Highway
    • a pedestrian on a sidewalk, multipurpose trail, driveway, ramp, or building entrance
    • a parking meter
  • Never leave an e-bike so that it is obstructing ($65 fine):
    • Using a cellphone while operating an e-bike
    • Operating an e-bike while under the influence
    • Riding with a passenger when the e-bike is intended for single riders
    • Riding without an approved bicycle or motorcycle helmet