How local businesses can compete in a world of big box stores

Fifty years ago, when the first iteration of what would become Kawartha TV and Stereo opened (Fun fact: Kawartha was originally a sewing machine store), if someone used the term "Big Box" odds are they were actually describing a large… box.

Flash forward a few decades and the term Big Box took on an entirely different meaning.

Seemingly by design, the big box concept and strategy was a rather menacing one.

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Two things to know before shopping for a new television (& One thing you should add to your television purchase!).

Way back when televisions were square boxes with screens only marginally larger than a modern day iPads, there really wasn’t much to discuss when people were shopping for a new TV.

How big did you want it to be (a 21 inch screen was big back then) and depending upon how far back we’re talking about, if you really wanted to show off to friends and family, you’d get one of those new fangled remote controls (which may, or may not have, had a wire that connected it to the television).

Today, there is enough technology in televisions to confuse even the savviest of shoppers.

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