Want to upgrade to a modern car infotainment system?

While it may seem hard to believe, some vehicles out on the road today do NOT have infotainment systems.

Hard to imagine? How is this possible in this day and age?

There can be many reasons.

  • Some manufacturers only offer the fancy infotainment systems with upgraded packages. "Oh you don't want the leather interior, sunroof and upgraded rims $8,000 package? Sorry thats the only way you get the touch screen system".
  • Believe it or not, it wasn't that long ago that many models didn't even offer infotainment systems. Many of those vehicles are still on the road and have tens of thousands of kilometres of life left in them.
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3 options to improve your existing car audio sound.

While it is unbelievable to the team here at Kawartha TV and Stereo, there are some people who actually appreciate the sound of silence.

We're not talking about the Simon and Garfunkel song, we're talking about the actual Sound - Of - Silence.

In our opinion it's tragic that anyone could actually feel that way. Why anyone wouldn't want to listen to their favourite music, particularly when driving is beyond us.

However if you are one of the people that the Kawartha TV and STEREO team understands (and likes), you will want to squeeze the most out of every single note from every single song when it comes to your car audio.

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What is dirty power?

Who doesn't love power? The more power the better right?

But not all power is good power. One only has to think about the countless list of politicians, rulers, CEO’s etc., who have abused their power).

Fortunately as well all know, the power that comes from your wall in the form of electricity is pure, clean and consistent.

Or is it?

Yes, dirty power is actually a thing when it comes to the electricity in your home.

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Things to know before buying an air conditioner

Welcome to Ontario where it gets hotter than hot and humid as heck each and every year.

On top of this the temperature has been rising overall since the late 1970’s, so if it seems like its constantly getting hotter, it is!

Having said all of that, there is only one logical conclusion. Air conditioners are a must (some even consider them a bare human necessity!).

But before you go running out and buy an air conditioner to bring your home back to temperatures that are livable, there are a few things you should be aware of.

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Outdoor speaker options for your outdoor living space

Picture this…

Its a beautiful Saturday afternoon with perfect weather (not too hot and not too cold). You've invited friends and family over to enjoy the magnificent day, fire up the barbecue and perhaps enjoy a few drinks.

By most any measure, you are officially having a party (or at the very least a "get together").

And what does every party (or get together) need beyond the food and drink we’ve already mentioned?

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Options when it comes to outdoor televisions.

A true outdoor oasis just cannot be considered complete without a few things…

  • Lighting (if you’re doing this right you’ll definitely be out past dark),
  • Water (hot tub or pool will suffice),
  • Shelter (cabana ideally or deluxe pool shed at the least),
  • and those bare necessities (bathroom, sink, fridge/ cooler etc.)
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Riding E-bikes in Ontario (and Peterborough!)

Riding motorcycles is possibly one of the most exhilarating and exciting things anyone can do on a city road.

You get to experience the wind in your face, the freedom, the speed… and in general just the overall excitement.

By any measure riding a motorcycle is a thrill each and every time you get on one.

But there are a couple of issues.

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How to get in shape, have fun and save a fortune in fuel (all at the same time)?

What if the team here at Kawartha TV and Stereo was able to give you plan that would allow you to become healthier, happier and richer?

That is like the North American dream on steroids!

Well great news, because today we are going to give you a strategy that will deliver on each of the three points above.

Buy an e-bike.

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Does better speaker cable deliver better sound?

Some arguments (differences of opinions?) have existed for decades and it is extremely unlikely that they will ever come to a final resolution. Here are two as examples;

  • Which is better, peanut butter or jelly?
  • Are Ford vehicles actually better than Chevrolets (or vice versa)?

But today here at Kawartha TV and Stereo we’re going to do out best to lay to rest one issue that has plagued the sound industry since not long after the very first sound speaker was created.

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What can a high end HDMI cable offer?

For many people a HDMI cable is seen as little more than just as a basic connector. Something that they don't give a moments notice or thought to.

Other people know better.

Today we'll discuss some of the things a high end HDMI cable can offer that will not only make a difference but that will make you absolutely want to invest in a better one.

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Two things you should know before buying a record turntable

For decades if you wanted to listen to music in your home, it involved placing a plate sized vinyl disk on a turntable and "dropping the needle".

Then somewhere in the late 1980's technology started to change (as it always does) and compact disc (CD) players quickly started to replace the turntables that had ruled the home music scene for most of the previous decade.

The home turntable was dead, gone and buried. A relic that had been relegated to the dust bin of history like so many other outdated technologies before it.

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Why in a digital world vinyl albums have become so incredibly popular?

There is a saying that everything old is new again.

Humans are famous for having the new shiny object syndrome where we forget about the current things we love for the new better option.

Vinyl records were unquestionably a victim of this.

Back in the late 1980's the much more shiny chrome coloured compact disc (CD) came out and all but wiped the comparatively massive dark coloured vinyl records off the map.

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Two things to know before shopping for a new television (& One thing you should add to your television purchase!).

Way back when televisions were square boxes with screens only marginally larger than a modern day iPads, there really wasn’t much to discuss when people were shopping for a new TV.

How big did you want it to be (a 21 inch screen was big back then) and depending upon how far back we’re talking about, if you really wanted to show off to friends and family, you’d get one of those new fangled remote controls (which may, or may not have, had a wire that connected it to the television).

Today, there is enough technology in televisions to confuse even the savviest of shoppers.

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QLED vs OLED. What's the difference?

If you've been television shopping recently you’ve likely had more than a few acronyms and bizarre technology terms thrown at you.

Two that you should be aware of and understand are QLED and OLED. These are two competing television technologies that directly impact the overall viewing experience in ways that few if any other elements you'll consider do.

So, what is the difference between QLED and OLED televisions?

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Should consider a 8K television (even though there isn't a lot of 8k content)?

In a recent conversation on the showroom floor here at Kawartha TV and Stereo a couple of customers had expressed an interest in purchasing an 8k TV, however they had voiced a concern that was holding them back.

They were hesitant to invest in 8k due to the lack of available 8k content.

It wasn't the first time we'd come across this issue, so it has prompted us to share some thoughts on whether you should invest in an 8k television now, or wait till 8k content is more mainstream.

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What is television screen resolution and what difference does it make for your viewing experience?

Looking to purchase a new television? Prepare yourself for technology information overload!

Anyone shopping for a new television can quickly become overwhelmed with a barrage of things to consider.

One of the most common things you’ll come across, and consequently one of questions we get asked most often about is… what does 1080p (or 4k, or 8k) actually mean/ refer to?

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Why should someone get a projector over a television?

With all other things being equal if you could go out to watch a movie on a medium sized screen or a massive screen, which would you choose?

Your answer is obvious (and assumed)…

You'd naturally go with the bigger screen because the experience is much more immersive.

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Multi room wireless speaker systems. What they are, how they work and more.

Would you like to bring your home to life in a completely different and unique way?

Change your homes overall feel and dynamic?

Then you should look into adding a multi room wireless speaker system to your home because multi room wireless speaker systems do both of the things we just mentioned and more.

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How local businesses can compete in a world of big box stores?

Fifty years ago, when the first iteration of what would become Kawartha TV and Stereo opened (Fun fact: Kawartha was originally a sewing machine store), if someone used the term "Big Box" odds are they were actually describing a large… box.

Flash forward a few decades and the term Big Box took on an entirely different meaning.

Seemingly by design, the big box concept and strategy was a rather menacing one.

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