Home Theatre Installation

While today's home entertainment possibilities are limitless, in most cases your budget is not. Fortunately, the experts at Kawartha TV & Stereo know how to make your home entertainment dollars go far enough to fit within your budget and expectations.

From a basic Home Theatre setup to a personal screening room …

Enjoy the best and the latest Hollywood blockbusters in the comfort of your home. At the press of button, you’re in the action ! All the intensity and drama is there on the screen while dynamic sound fills the room.

So Thin

Install OLED or LCD Displays anywhere in your home.

So thin, they will enhance your decor without taking up too much space.


Home theatre projectors that recreate the cinema experience.

Screen Sizes available to accommodate any project you may have in mind.

Control Everything

Too many remote controls ?

Enjoy Total Control with just one universal remote.

Fill your House with Music !

Enjoy your favourite classical opus in the kitchen while preparing dinner…

At the same time, someone else can listen to the latest hits in their room, while your guests are keeping cool with jazzy musical sounds by the pool.

Matter of Taste

Listen to your favourite CD or Stream music in the kitchen while someone else enjoys their favourite music elsewhere.

Control the volume and source selection in all rooms independently.

So Natural

Listen to music outdoors in any season, with custom weatherproof speakers that blend naturally into your landscape.

Well Hidden

Discreet in-wall and in-ceiling speakers blend into your decor.

Enjoy your favourite music throughout the home.


Have all the possibilities been taken into account? Let’s discuss your ideas.

We can then match them to your budget… Exceeding your expectations at the end!


From simple to complex projects, you’ll feel at ease!

No hassles, no headaches, our installation team will take care of everything in a timely fashion.


We care about your peace of mind.

Assure that your products will perform for may years to come with our Protection Plus Service Plan.